When I’m not teaching or doing research, I often engage in informal outreach through career fairs, campus tours, and guest lectures. I am also committed to making educational resources available to classroom teachers. My articles in Science Scope (2011) and The Science Teacher (2010) provide lesson materials that I developed as a marine science educator at the University of Hawaii. Similarly, my article on international water conflicts (Education About Asia, 2017) provides a helpful resource for high school and undergraduate educators to facilitate discussion about resource disputes and international politics in Asia.


Visual media are another important way to engage diverse audiences. I recently designed an interactive riparian ecology activity to supplement the fantastic Freshwater Mussel Hatchery exhibit at the Fairmount Water Works in Philadelphia (image right). As the co-chief scientist on a trans-Pacific research cruise (2008), I helped communicate our work on marine debris through a mini-documentary (below) that was screened at various venues, including the BLUE Ocean Film Festival.