I recently joined the Department of Geography and Urban Studies at Temple University as an assistant professor. I apply my training as a human-environment geographer and biological oceanographer toward research and teaching about the socio-political drivers of environmental change at multiple scales. 

In addition to teaching courses on resource governance and environmental politics, I conduct research on transboundary water governance and climate change adaptation in South and Southeast Asia. My work on water politics and international development in the Ganges and Mekong Deltas examines resource conflicts, human vulnerability to environmental hazards, land-use change, and power dynamics between state and non-state actors.

I was previously a faculty member in the Department of Geography at Penn State University and have served on the editorial boards of the South Asia Journal and the Journal of Gender and Water. I spent the past year on academic leave as a Visiting Research Scholar at Kyoto University (2018-2019) and serve as the Chair of the Cultural and Political Ecology (CAPE) Specialty Group of the American Association of Geographers. Feel free to browse this site, or click here to view my CV.